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Reference customers

These are genuine comments from some of our customers who have taken the effort to give us feedback about SaleSmartz in their business.
Feel free to contact them about their business or SaleSmartz.

Kingdom, Inc.

Retail. 100 employees

I have been very impressed with the software and all the features that we use.

The technical support has been most excellent

The software has the easiest learning curve for the type of software.

My users have found this software to be very easy to use.

[Comparison with other products you may have used?]
Cost and ease of use.

[Importance of SaleSmartz to your business?]
Very important.

Kingdom, Inc.
Lambs Creek Road
PA 16933
Phone 570-662-7515

AMT Group

Management and Corporate Training.

Easy to use for tech phobic staff in the office. I invested just a couple of hours to get an office of 6 running it. As we grow and have more complex needs for our CRM, SaleSmartz's advanced applications have been able to match our every need.

Excellent and very rapid. Seemingly 24/7/364. Last Thanksgiving I was having a problem with setting up my SaleSmartz office network and with in 3 hours a reply was sent. As I am based in Japan this was the same business day. Well done.

Logical and the on-line help is easy to follow. I solve most of my questions this way.

[Comparison with other products you may have used?]
All I have to say is: "Macintosh friendly!"

Cannot function without SaleSmartz as our client base has almost doubled in the last 12 months SaleSmartz introduction was very timely. There is no way we could track client history or reach sales goals without it.

Very pleased with the product and Martin Schenkel's customer service.

#302 AHKS Atrium
11-7 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Contact via email
Phone 81 3 3511 2960
Fax 81 3 3511 2961


XL Systems Ltd

UK Distributor of Radio Data Modems.

It is specifically sales orientated and understands the requirements of sales people, the package works for you rather than dictating how you should operate. Other packages I have used have an element of time wasting fields which must be completed, in a sales situation we do not always have all the facts at first just the essential details.

SaleSmartz is versatile and allows individual companies to decide what is important to them

Easy to use

[How do you rate our free SaleSmartz support?]
"Quick and friendly"

SaleSmartz is an essential part of our sales operation and helps us monitor our activities.

XL Systems Ltd.
XL House
1.Leas Road
Contact via email
Phone (+44)01883 622778
Fax (+44) 01883 626991

Deterg NZ limited

Carpet laying and Maintenace

Dear Martin,

thank you for your supply and excellent software sales Smart,I am an owner/operator one man property hygiene business. I started as a carpet layer close to forty years ago, and am attempting to get off my knees.

For the last six years I have moved to carpet cleaning which has now extended to cover carpet supply laying repairs and maintainance, upholstery vinyl sales laying and cleaning, tiles cleaning, house washing, paths decks etc, and finally graffiti removal.

So as you see for all these years, I have been attempting to keep tabs manually. I like work ,I hate paper work, but realise it has to be done . Hence the need for good software. So it has helped me already see into what you cannot with books.

In reply to your feedback, do I rate support ...excellent....ease of use ...I am very new to computers so just building slowly......I have used no other

Advantages/benefits of sales I am only into adding client base at the moment....but retrieval is great.

Up to this point very happy with what the software provides ..old horses can learn new tricks.

Just out of interest what software have you to cover books for such

Thanking you again

Ray Nicholls Deterg nz .

Adams Consultancy Services

Commercial Photography.

For the Mac there is no alternative at this level of cost I would consider.

Masses of functionality - and very customizable.

Fairly easy to use.

Good support.

[Importance of SaleSmartz to your business?]
Critical - I could not operate without it.
Contact via email

Liquid Crystal Technologies

Electronics Reseller

The only time I've had to use it, the technical support was very good. The help was accurate and solved my problems in only a few minutes.

SaleSmartz is extremely intuitive and couldn't be easier to use. New employees only need a few minutes to get up to speed, and within a day or two they are already teaching someone else.

On a prior job we used used Gold Rush, but SaleSmartz is much handier to use, and when compared on a bang for the buck basis, SaleSmartz wins hands down!

SaleSmartz beats other CRM software I've used as all customer information is available faster, easier, and all within a much tighter integrated environment.

Couldn't live without it!
Great program, great price, what else could you ask for?

Milford Microsystems

Automotive Electronics.

Can't be faulted as a customer and product database to make quoting and selling easy. The facilities for including product information, pricing and pictures, and importing these into quotes and invoices, are excellent. I use many of the program's features but I'm sure there are many more I have not yet tried, - it's that comprehensive.

[How do you rate our free SaleSmartz support?]
Not needed to use it as the program is so easy and intuitive to use.

[SaleSmartz ease of use?]

The only sales administration program to put a smile on my face.

So many functions, all linked together.

Couldn't manage without it.

Milford Microsystems.
Contact via email

CDA Creative

Graphic Design Agency.

[Importance of SaleSmartz to your business?]
Very, its what our business needed.

So far we have not required any support.
If we require support we'll shout

[SaleSmartz ease of use?]
Easier than we thought at this stage.

[Comparison with other products you may have used?]
Better than, easy to use.

[Advantages/benefits of SaleSmartz?]
Simple/Easy to use.



Apple Computer specialist, Australia

This is the best sales program.

[How do you rate our free SaleSmartz support?]

[Advantages/benefits of SaleSmartz?]
Tracking sales and commissions and printing templates

[SaleSmartz ease of use?] Easy to use though sometimes complicated

[Importance of SaleSmartz to your business?]
I produce all my quotes in the program.