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Latest SaleSmartz Version

The current version of SaleSmartz is v5.0

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Version 5.0, Version 4.3, Version 4.2, Version 4.1, Version 4.0, Version 3.2, Version 3.1 or Version 3.0

Version 5.0


1) SaleSmartz now has built in display of formatted email content.
You can read and forward font formatted content emails.
2) Spell checker for emails composed in SaleSmartz.
3) Multiple email accounts and plugins for each account. This allows you to collect mail from multiple sources.
4) Background sending and receiving of emails to allow you to continue working while emails are being processed.
5) Internal SaleSmartz plugin for emails to be sent and received without an external email application.
6) EMail templates can now contain formatted text, preset attachments and preset cc/bcc addresses.
7) To Do memos can now be sent to eMail addresses when due. eg. Weekly meetings or reminders sent to cellphones.
8) EMail "rules" to perform actions on emails, such as moving to folders or replying with templates or marking junk mail, etc.
9) Custom eMail folders so you can add as many as you like.
10) Private email folders so you can move personal emails to this folder and not other users can see them.
11) Use of label colors to categorize eMails.
12) Preference to show eMail signature at the beginning of en email reply, or at the end.


1) Additional email fields in each address card so you can add as many addresses as you like, for each contact person.
2) Enhanced printing templates for memos, contacts and emails to print with a better layout than the screen printouts.
3) Contact relationships. Now you can link contacts to other contacts and describe the relationships. It will display both child and parent relationships.


1) Quick search for products. Now you have an extra field in the quote panel to type in a few letters for product names and codes and add them directly.
2) HTML content available for quote and invoice print templates. Now you can print HTML or even send a quote in an email in HTML format.
3) Use formatted eMail templates to customize your quote and invoice layouts for emailing direct to customers.
4) Added a new field for price break discount on print templates.
5) Support for much larger catalog and quotes for almost unlimited page numbers.
6) Price breaks are now available at the price list level, as well as the previous group and product level.
7) Page setup is now available in the print preview window.


1) Date based custom variables can now have an option to appear in the calendar. This allows you to set event dates for customers, related to variables.
2) Caller ID for modems that support this feature. This allows many modems to provide caller ID linked into SaleSmartz to show the contact information of a caller before you pick up the phone.
3) Dialing and Find dialogs are now non modal, which means you can do other activities while these windows are open.
4) Phone dialing for modems has been enhanced for OS X users.
5) OS X users can also take advantage of text drag in fields.
6) iCal sync you can create your own iCal publishing server, or export iCal format files to keep your iCal database in sync with SaleSmartz.

Version 4.3

Mac OSX native application

SaleSmartz now runs natively in the Mac OSX environment.

SaleSmartz- Palm Pilot Synchronization

Now you can synchronize your SaleSmartz database with your Palm Pilot. Check out the details here.

Version 4.2

SaleSmartz- Internet edition

SaleSmartz is now available as a web browser plugin for existing network databases. Check out the details here.


1) Users can now have "Roaming" profiles. If the Administrator sets the user setting in the preferences, each user can log on to any Computer in the network with SaleSmartz installed (Mac or PC) and use their personal settings/profile.

2) An option to scale the layouts and fonts of the windows is now provided in the starting setting screen. Hold down the shift key when starting to choose the size of the windows and fonts.

3) A "Recent" menu has been added to the File menu. This records the last few windows you have opened for quickly opening them again.

4) You can now choose colours in the preferences for the screens and contact card views.

5) All date fields now have a much higher limit to the year 9999.


1) You can now edit Quote entries in the "Print preview" window. This allows you to see layout changes immediately.

2) Added a restriction to prevent users from converting an Invoice back to a quote if they don't have the "Delete invoice" privilege in the preferences.


1) A new preference has been added to skip the file scan when opening the contact list window. This speeds up the window opening when the network link is slow.

2) The history list can now show brief summaries of each entry. You can click on the triangle to the left of each history entry to show a few lines describing the entry without needing to select it.
This provides a quick overview of all entries you are interested in.
A button at the top of the window opens or closes all summaries in the list.

3) Added new fields for the "Filter history" window. You can now filter by Salesperson responsible and contact person.

4) Custom variables can now be included in exports of contacts.

5) Pasting a person's whole name in the "First name" field will split the name into the first and last name fields.

6) Removed the option to "Set salesperson responsible" for non-Administrator users.

7) Reports now have additional fields "Incoming" and "Outgoing" conversation memo types.

Custom variables

1) The Administrator can now remove reserved (bold type) custom variables.

2) An option has been added to custom variables so they can be automatically added to any opened contacts.


1) A preference has been added so that an address check is not made for eMail addresses. This will allow you to enter non internet format addresses in the eMail fields.

Version 4.1


1) Multpile EMail accounts can be set up in the Preferences. This can allow you to customise the "From" field of emails and also automatically add preset signatures to the bottom of your mails.

2) A new button on the contact window has been added. This allows you to specify that an email or web page contains the company domain. This is used for sorting and linking eMails to contacts so that you don't have to eneter every eMail address that a company uses in order to link eMails.

3) A preference can be set to check eMails when you are not using it, i.e. when it is idle. This can synchronise your mails with your external mail program.
When mail is received while your computer is idle, you can choose to play a sound, or even read the message sender and subject out to you using your computers built in voice synthesizer.
Note: the voice synthesizer function may not be available on all computers.

4) A preference can be set to check eMails when you are not using it, i.e. when it is idle. This can synchronise your mails with your external mail program.

The "Last contact" and "Next contact due" columns in the Contact list, now reflect emails as well as memos.

Price List

1) Price breaks are now available for products. You can specify different discounts for different quantities of each product. The discount is applied in the Quote/Order.

To Do List

1) A problem was fixed that caused To Do Memos sent to other users, not to appear in their To Do List if they were not using SaleSmartz.

2) Hotlink icons on To Do Memos will now search for files if they lose their link.
This will resolve problems that did happen when a network setup has a client based on the Server Computer.


1) EMailing/Saving of Quotes/Invoices. A new template file type has been added. These are called SZ Templates and will allow you to EMail Quotes, or even save them to a file. The content of the Template is very flexible and you can even use it to produce HTML, XML, RTF and many other formats. This template can be used for Contacts for merging as well.

For more information, check out the Online documentation

2) The total number of products is now displayed beside the name of each section, in quotes and catalogue pages.

3) The print preview menuitem was added to the Quote and Invoice menus inside the Contact Window.

4) The Print preview window can now be opened by double clicking on a Quote or Invoice.


1) The "Lock sorting" button was removed. Each list now remembers the how it was sorted when it was closed and restores that when opened again.

Version 4.0


A new Mail Centre window provides complete control of all incoming and outgoing eMails.
Using approved eMail applications (Outlook, Eudora etc.), you can keep all contact eMails in the contact history. Of course, files can be attached to eMails. EMail merging is much easier and you can send batch eMails to your customers.

You can quickly search eMails or see contact eMails at a glance. You can search on key words in eMails with reports or the simple find window.

A shortlist can be used for priority contacts so their names appear on the list beside the address fields of an eMail. Add contacts to this list by clicking on the shortlist icon to the right of the eMail field.

A single user in your network can use a mail application to download emails and other users can read the mails about their own contacts.

You can type in a part of a name or company and the address will be filled in automatically.

Contact list

1) Added the website field to contact window. This will launch a browser with the contact's web site when clicking on the button to the left.

2) Added menu buttons to the top of the contact list and contact info windows. This makes the menu option access quicker as it is in the same window.

3) A new button has been added to the contact history to filter the content of the history list for type of item and also for a range of dates.

4) A movable divider can change the width of the 2 parts of the contact window when you show the history beside the address fields.

5) New buttons at the top of the window make it easier to close or save and close the contact window.

6) Quotes and invoices can now be dragged between contact windows.

Mail merging

1) New options in when merging. You can choose not to link the merge document to each contact and also to delete the resulting merge file.

2) Merging to eMails will use the name of the merge template as the subject of the eMail.

3) When not using the Advanced option in the merge with window, you can now choose the plugin to use to merge. e.g. to choose an eMail plugin to send mails.


1) You can now choose the template to print with from the print preview window. The quote/invoice will then be redrawn in the preview window to show the new layout.

2) Bundles can be split into components in the invoice supplier mode. This makes supplier orders into itemised lists.

3) Converting an invoice back to a quote will reset the last invoice number if it is the last invoice created.

Price Lists/Catalogues

2) The status of components of bundles is shown in the bundle overview. This makes it easier to see if bundles have missing products or price lists.

3) Bundles can now have a Valid to date so they can be available to pruchase for a fixed period of time.


1) Added ability to print out each line of the report as if opening the source object. e.g. To be able to print a whole list of unpaid invoices that has been created using a report.

To Do List

1) Added a new feature that uses the voice synthesizer to read out your daily To Do memos at startup, or on request (Macintosh users only).

2) Double clicking on blue To Dos in the lsit windows will open the source item, not just the To Do window. e.g. clicking on a quote reminder will show the quote.


1) A new method of TCP/IP (Internet) synchronisation has been added to allow remote synchronisation for users with access to the internet.


1) Added Add, Remove and Edit button shortcuts at the top of lists.

2) Added many more items in the "New document" window. This allows you to create quotes, products and eMails by choosing from the new document options.

3) For the PC version, print paper size and orientation is remembered after printing.

4) Pop up menus have been modernised for a more 3D effect.

5) Lists sorting has been made easier by clicking on the column titles to make ascending or descending or no sorting.

Version 3.2

Contact list

1) By default, a filter row will appear to allow filtering of the contact list. This will allow users to show a reduced set of contacts, based on a search criteria. Filtering was a feature in previous versions, but now this feature is more obvious for ease of use.

2) Duplicate contact searches are provided in the contact list and find windows. This allows one or more fields to be checked against other fields to quickly locate and duplicate entries in the contact list.

Contact info window

1) Title and Job title are sorted automatically.

2) The duplicate checking, when adding a new contact, has been expanded with an option to duplicate check "Cust no" as well as the previous field choices.

3) Printing a contact window will give users the option to use a template for printing as well as the screen print that was available previously. The template can be edited and multiple templates can be used.

4) Importing of large numbers of contacts has been made quicker by at least 40%. This saves considerable time when importing many thousands of contacts.


1) A preference can now be set to show prices in a quote, "Inclusive of Sales Tax". This allows users to display products and pricing to a customer while making a quote, with Sales Tax included in all pricing. Options to "Print" prices with and without Sales Tax have always been available.

2) "Discount including Sales Tax" has now been added to the template column choices.

Price Lists/Catalogues

1) Status symbols now display the status of the components within a bundle info window. i.e. Source Price list missing/closed.

2) A popup menu is available to filter products by group, in the Price List window.

3) Links to editing of "Price types" and "Currency" are provided from the Price List defaults window. This allows quick addition of new types without closing windows.

Print templates/Labels

1) Bundles can now be broken down and their components printed out individually.

2) Unlimited preceeding or following pages for a quote or invoice template. e.g. for fax headers and terms/conditions of sale.

3) Added two new fields to print templates, "Salesperson responsible" for Quotes/Invoices (was only for the whole contact) and "Discount including Sales tax".

4) A field "Currency rate" has been added to display the currency exchange rate (if used) for each quote and invoice.


1) A new field has been created for Quotes and Invoices, "Goods total", instead of only the "Goods total + Sales Tax" before.

To Do List

1) To Do Memos now have a larger "More..." button which was only a small icon before. This makes the additional options window more obvious. For our Macintosh customers, the list of buttons is also displayed by default, instead of first moving the lever at the top of the window.

2) A search for To Do Memos has been added to the "Find" window. This allows users to find To Do Memos based on the related fields.

3) Text descriptions of To Do types has been added to list windows. This shows the description after the icon for the To Do type.


1) An option is available to choose the country and language to localise your copy of SaleSmartz.

2) Changed the privileges section to allow users who had no cost/margin privileges, to update discount and price of products in quotes. Users who don't have delete privileges can now change fields in the address section of contacts.

3) Currencies and exchange rates are now stored centrally. Previously they were stored in each price list. This allows users to update exchange rates frequently for up to date pricing for clients.

Version 3.1

Mail merging

1) EMail merge templates are now available. These can be used to send out multiple memos via email to selected contacts.

2) An additional merge field "Message" has been added. This is useful when you have a generic fax/letter template and you wish to type a message for all merged contacts, rather than creating a new template each time.

Contact list

1) A function to "Change Salesperson responsible" has been added to change selected contacts to be the responsibilty of a different SaleSmartz user. This helps in the case of a Salesperson leaving the company, and another taking over their contacts.

Contact info window

1) Added "Automatic customer numbering" to insert a unique customer number in the field on a new contact.

2) Preset options are available for "Job title" and "Title" fields in the contact window. You can choose from a list of presets for these fields and optionally restrict any text in these fields to preset choices. This assists in reporting on fields.

3) A change of address to a contact in a company, will prompt you to change all matching addresses in each contact. This saves changing each contact manually for a change of company address.

4) Contact can be "Moved to" another contact group from a menuitem for "Contact Info" and "Contact Group" windows.

5) Contact people/addresses can be copied by selecting the name (below the company name field), and copying. This can then be pasted into another contact window. This is useful when you wish to transfer a person to another company.

6) An option to check newly entered contacts for duplicates in the existing database. This checks any combination of new data such as Company name, Person name, Phone number or address and warns you of the duplication.


1) Added automatic quote numbering to give new quotes a unique number. An option to add a prefix (Salesperson's code) before the quote number for each SaleSmartz user is also included.

2) Negative quantities have been allowed for quotes. This allows for features such as returned goods and trade ins.

3) Provided an option to print out the profit mode of a quote/invoice.

Price Lists/Catalogues

1) Catalogues can now contain pictures. These are background pictures and are pasted from graphics applications. They can represent maps, diagrams and drawings of product assemblies.

2) Foreign currencies can be added to price types within the same price list. This allows different currency symbols and exchange rates for a price type, which can then automatically be set for a customer. This caters for products purchased in one currency and sold in another.

3) Added the first Price list to the end of the "Add" menu in a quote, if the Catalogue was the default. Increases the options in the "Add" menu.

Print templates/Labels

1) Preceeding and trailing pages have been added to Print templates. These allow items such as leading fax header pages and trailing "terms and conditions" pages, before and after the product pages.

2) Product matrices can now be printed as a matrix in templates, not only as a list of products as before.


1) Access privileges. New "Admin" section allows logging of all major changes to data in SaleSmartz. This section also allows the administrator to restrict access to various areas of the database, i.e costs, suppliers, profit. This access can be set per user and can allow read only, delete or change access.

Version 3.0

Online Help

1) SaleSmartz now has full online help. At any time when you are using SaleSmartz you can click on the F1 Key and the online help will go directly to the correct page for you. The help files are in Adobe Acrobat format and will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader free from

Mail merging

1) SaleSmartz now allows users to add and remove merge file templates from the "Merge with" menu. New letter merge files can be created in SaleSmartz and then automatically opened to allow editing in your word processor.
This feature is found in the "Merge with" menu by selecting "Edit merge templates"

2) A default folder can be set in the preferences ("Folders" section) to allow new merged files to be automatically saved there without asking the user where to save the files. If no folder is set, then a folder called "Correspondence" will be created.
If you are using a network then you should choose a merge destination folder on the server so other users can access the same files.

3) SaleSmartz will now automatically search for merge templates (those files which appear in the "Merge with" menu) on both a local hard disk or a server. The only requirement is that all merge templates are contained somewhere in a folder called "Merge templates". There is no need to create a short cut to a server merge templates folder. 4) When mail merging you can now choose to show the advanced options in the "Merge with" dialogue window. These options allow various functions.

a) You now have an option to create a contact memo to act as a reminder to all the people who have received the merged letter. This can be used to create a follow up reminder to all people who have received the letter so you can call them back on a predefined date.

b) You can also set or change a contact property for all merged contacts to act as a flag for the mailout.

c) New Plug-in modules (found in the folder "Plug-ins") can allow several options for mail merging methods. The advanced section of the merge with dialogue allows you to choose which methods to use when merging. You can choose from popup menus for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferred methods. For example you could send a letter by 1st - Email, 2nd - Fax and 3rd - Word processor. This would then send Emails to the contacts that have an email address, faxes to those that have a fax number and letters to the rest. You can also choose to merge a label template automatically with each word processor letter.

5) A tool bar with shortcut buttons can be displayed by selecting this option in the "General" section of the preferences.

6) In the "find" dialogue window, an additional option in the contacts sections allows you to type in and search for either a company or a person when you first open the window. This makes it quicker to find the person who just rang.

7) Added an option (using a Plug-in) for post code search using the post code field in the contact window. This feature is only available for the Windows version of SaleSmartz as we have not yet found any post code software that links into other software on a Macintosh.

Caller display

1) For Windows computers you can use the "Caller display" plug-in to provide the ability to display the incoming caller's contact window. The caller display option is set in the "Phone" section of the preferences.
(Note: You will need to purchase the Callscape 100 from BT to interface between your phone and your computer. Call BT on 0800 800 800 or for more details)

2) When using the caller display, you can set a preference ("Phone" section) to add a custom made contact memo in the contact history of the the incoming caller's info window. 3) All incoming calls are logged in a list which is shown by selecting "Caller log" in the windows menu when the caller display option is set. This allows you to create new contacts or ring back the people that have called. It also lists the names of people and companies that have called and were found in your contact list.

Label printing

1) The speed of label printing has been increased, especially for large quantities of labels.

Contact list

1) The contact list speed has been increased when opening and reading contact groups.

2) All contact groups can be seen in the "Windows" menu so you can open a group without having to open its file on disk directly.

Contact info window

1) A list of all the people within a company is shown below the company name field. Click on any of the names to show the details for each person. New people can be added by clicking on the "New person" icon.. The popup menu to the right of the last name field still allows you to clone and delete contact names.

2) The salesperson responsible field allows you to add new salespeople to the popup menu to the right of the field. All users on a network will still be automatically added to this popup menu. If you type a name into the field that does not exist in the menu, then you will be asked to add them to the list. You can also edit, add and delete salespeople from the list if you choose "Edit Salespeople" from the popup menu to the right of the "Salesperson responsible" field.

3) The "Docs" mode has now been merged with the "History" mode and linked documents and merged letters will now appear in the history field.

4) Preferences in the "Contact" section of the Preferences allow you to show the History list and contact properties in the main (address) mode of a contact window. This is useful for seeing a complete overview of a contact if you have a larger screen.

5) Added menu items "New memo, "New Document link" and "New quote" in the edit menu of the history mode with keyboard shortcuts 1-3 for quick adding of new entries in the history.

6) An option button for call sheets has been added to allow a memo to be turned into an "Objective"/"Result" call sheet for sales calls. This is also available as a search option in reports.

7) Contact memos can now have a created date. To turn this option on, choose the setting in the "Contacts" section of the preferences.

8) A popup menu for Salesperson responsible has been added to Memos/Invoices and Quotes.

Contact Properties

1) Contact properties can now be associated with a person within a company, not just per company as before.

2) Contact properties can now also be shown and edited in the first view (Address mode) of the contact info window, below the main address fields.

3) New properties can be added to contacts by choosing an unused property in the popup menu in the bottom the properties field.

4) Property values are set in the same line as each property in the list, not in fields below as before.

Price Lists/Catalogues

1) Product variations can be copied and pasted between different product info windows.

2) When placing a product in a quote, the sales reminders can be quickly added to a quote by clicking on the reminder, whereas before you had to use the find window to find and add the product. Sales reminders in Product info windows now can have a quantity in front of the product code shortcut. This adds the quantity of the reminder products instead of a single product as before.

3) All Catalogues and Price Lists can be opened from the "Windows" menu instead of directly opening the files on disk. 4) Catalogues are now multi user and can be placed on the central file server in a network.

Print templates/Labels

1) Pictures on print templates can now be scaled with a percentage value in the "Block info" dialogue window.

2) A new button in the top of each template window allows you to drag new blocks into the template instead of using "Cmd-K" in the "Edit" menu to add blocks.


1) For Macintosh users a preference can be set in the "Folders" section to save files with PC file names, ie with the three character suffix. This is useful if you are using a network of both Macintosh and PC (Windows98/NT) users.


1) Report editing is now easier we have added a line in each report editing pane called "New line", when clicked on, this will create a new line in the report builder allowing you to choose from the lists in the bottom of the window.

2) Contact properties are now included under the "Contacts" and "Address" sections of the report builder options.

3) Report generators now have an "OR" option as well as the previous "AND" option. This provides much more flexible reports.

To Do List

1) Auto To Do Memos (in blue) can now be changed for Contact memos. This allows you to change a contact memo from the blue To Do Memo instead of having to open the contact window before changing it.


1) New options have been added to the "Synchronisation" section of the "File" menu to help network users when they leave the main network/office. SaleSmartz will list and copy all files that are normally stored on the server onto your own hard disk.
You can then leave to office and either synchronise while out in the field or when you return to the office.

2) Modem synchronisation allows you to use a modem to synchronise files remotely.


SaleSmartz now uses Plug-in files to add more functionality. These files are placed in the "Plug-ins" folder inside the SaleSmartz folder and consist of such items as Fax, Email, Caller display and Export format modules.

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