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SaleSmartz Pro The Complete Sales System


  • Complete contact history of phone calls, emails, appointments, quotes, invoices and notes.

  • Full networkable customer/lead database

  • True multi-user data access

  • Custom database fields for your own cusomization

  • Full remote synchronization for users in another office or on the road

  • Palm data synchronization

  • Integrated phone dialing

  • Caller ID plugin to show contact records when they call

  • Keep track of your contact with customers

  • Create labelled relationships between contacts/customers and leads

  • Direct link to your word processor

  • Full report builder included

  • Create mailouts, faxouts and even e-mail outs to thousands of potential customers

  • Label printing

  • Unlimited contact groups

  • Multiple contacts per company record


  • Full time management and calendar features

  • Sends email reminders of events

  • Palm data synchronization

  • Overview of all contact related events, eg appointments, quotes/invoices due.

  • Synchronize using a built in iCal server.

And more...

  • Full built in search engine
  • Single or multi-user

  • Windows and Macintosh cross-platform compatible


  • Full E-mail integration. Send and receive eMail from within SaleSmartz to keep track of all communication in one place.

  • Optionally use an external eMail application to send & receive eMail.

  • Spell check your emails

  • Format text with color and embedded images

  • Use templates for mass mailouts and standard replies

  • Integrated email recorded in each contact

  • EMail rules filter and move email and even auto reply based on criteria

  • Uses speech/voice synthesizer to read new emails


  • Integrated product/service module to create sales.

  • Produce great looking quotes in seconds

  • Display your products in a graphical catalog

  • Full networkable product database

  • Track outstanding quotes

  • Convert accepted quotes into invoices

  • Automatic quote/invoice followup reminder in your calendar

  • Click and drag quote creation

  • Multiple currencies and exchange rates

  • Product stock/inventory control

  • Import existing price lists

  • Group products together as bundles

  • Add variations (with prices) to products such as color/size.

  • Link suggestions to products as reminders with links at sale time.

  • Schedule followups for quotes in your calendar.

  • Create your own templates for quotes/invoices

  • Send out purchase orders

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Simple - Contact information is grouped to quickly show you what you are looking for without clutter. Find and update Contact records quickly with the advanced Find Facility. You can view one or more Contacts at the same time and drag information between them. Dialing a customer's phone or fax number can be done automatically.

Flexible - Record multiple Contact People and Addresses for each company.

Detailed - Customers, Suppliers and even Personal Contacts can be stored in the Contact Database. Use the Profile Mode to classify Contacts. Your own keywords can describe a Contact in detail and be used later in searches and Reports.

History - Keep a complete history for each Contact. You can schedule and list topics for the next Contact visit. These items are then automatically recorded in the Time Manager to remind you of events.

Merge and Link - Merge personalised letters, faxes address labels and print them for Contacts in seconds. Attach letters, faxes and other files to Contacts for future reference.

Sharing - Contact Databases can be located in different areas. You can share Contacts on a file server while also keeping personal Contacts on your computer. Take Contacts with you when you travel and update them later using file synchronization.


A Mail Centre window provides complete control of all incoming and outgoing eMails.
Using the internal email plugin, or approved eMail applications (Outlook, Eudora etc.), you can keep all contact eMails in the contact history. Of course, files can be attached to eMails. EMail merging is much easier and you can send batch eMails to your customers.

You can create fully formatted emails, and also take advantage of the Spell checker.

You can quickly search eMails or see contact eMails at a glance. You can search on key words in eMails with reports or the simple find window.

A shortlist can be used for priority contacts so their names appear on the list beside the address fields of an eMail. Add contacts to this list by clicking on the shortlist icon to the right of the eMail field.

You can type in a part of a name or company and the address will be filled in automatically.

A single user in your network can use a mail application to download emails and other users can read the mails about their own contacts.

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Graphic - Products stored in one or more Price Lists can be graphically grouped and viewed together in a Catalog. This Catalog can be shown to Customers in a page by page fashion. Small pictures of Products can be added. These can originate from publicity sheets or be created and changed in a built in editor.

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Margin - A Product's sell price can be fixed or use a margin value. This value can be set for a Product, its Product Group or Price List.

Currencies/Exchange rates - Multiple currencies can be catered for. e.g. You can display the purchase cost in one currency and sell price in another, with appropriate exchange rates. Customers can be classified with a default currency for quotes.

Sale Reminders - Products can be linked to other Products as reminders, e.g. accessories . These appear when placing Products into a Quote and can then be added quickly.

Links - Products can be linked to files such as data sheets, diagrams and pictures. These files can be in almost any format or location. These can then be viewed when a customer wishes to see more information about a Product, or to simply see what it looks like.

Updates - Changes in prices and other updates can be done quickly by importing from a file, choosing one of many formats. If you don't have your price updates on disk then Products can also be maintained both locally and across a network.

Bundles - Products can be grouped into a Bundle of Products for special prices or to simplify installations.

Stock Control - Stock levels can be automatically adjusted for sales.

Icons/Clip art - You can optionallly show icons and graphics for each product. There is even a built in Icon editor.

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Quick - Quotes are created quickly by simply dragging Products from a Catalogue or Price List. Quotes are archived in Contact (Customer) files. They can be quickly retrieved, changed and then printed.

Details - Additional information such as costs, tax and discounts may be added.

Finance - If you offer Sales Finance, the interest and payment figures can be shown and calculated automatically as Products are added.

Informative - A comprehensive margin and cost breakdown of each Quote can instantly be viewed if desired. This is created automatically and aids in profit analysis.

Descreet - There are two viewing levels. Information such as cost, discount, product code and profit can be hidden from a Customer.

Flexible - Print Templates can be created to customise the printed appearances of Quotes or Invoices. These can include preset fields from a Customer such as Name or Address or even Company Logos, Product Pictures, Date and Page Numbering fields.

Invoices - When a Quote is successful it can be converted to an Invoice by simply typing an order or reference code. Invoices can then be printed like Quotes.

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Visual - Use the Time Manager System to plan your time. View events by day, month or in a list. Events can be rescheduled by dragging them to different times and days.

Automatic - Contact History is automatically included in the Time Manager, e.g. a warning will appear to remind you to follow up on a Quote or remind you to send an Invoice.

Hands-on - Schedule an appointment by dragging objects such as Quotes and Contacts onto a day or time.

Quick - Create a quick and simple To Do Memo to record a phone interruption without having to close any of the files you are working with.

Sophisticated - Later, go back and set a time for a return call, prioritise and much more. Add clickable links to a Contact and Products. Drag this Memo to the Contact to create a new Quote with these Products.

Notifications- Warnings will appear in advance to remind you of events, even if you are using another application at the time.

Integrated- Events are viewed in To Do Memo windows. Links to other windows, files and even Products can be dragged onto memos to provide clickable access.

Networking- Plan meetings by viewing other users' events at the same time as yours. Details of Memos can however be restricted to others in several levels to protect your information. Send Memos to other people to relay messages and ideas.

iCal sync you can create your own iCal publishing server, or export iCal format files to keep your iCal database in sync with SaleSmartz.

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Advanced Reporting

Collect extensive details about Contacts in reports, e.g. calculate next month's estimated sales margin and your commission. List Contacts that have bought a particular Product in the last 6 Months. Use this list to target Contacts for mail merge advertising or an upgrade promotion.


There are many other features included in the SaleSmartz Pro package such as Label printing and Exporting information to accounting systems and spreadsheets.

The application is written in C++ and uses its own database system. This means that a minimum of disk space, files and maintenance is required.

Pricing examples: 1 user $99.50, 5 users $447.50, 10 users $780.00. Click here for other user count pricing.

Minimum System Requirements


O/S:Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP,Vista
RAM:16 MB Free RAM
Disk:10 MB Free Space
Processor:486, Pentium Recommended
Network:All leading protocols


O/S:Mac OS 7.1 or later, OS X
RAM:10 MB Free RAM
Disk:10 MB Free Space
Processor:68020, PowerPC, Intel Native
Network:All leading protocols

The application is written in C++ and uses its own database system. This means that a minimum of disk space, files and maintenance is required.