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SaleSmartz Pro-The Complete Sales Solution.
SaleSmartz Pro is created for Salespeople and consists of five powerful packages in one. It is a Quotation/Invoicing Tool, a Product Manager, a Contact Database,EMail and a Time Manager.
SaleSmartz is built using the proven concepts of the people who sell. We don't want to change the way you think. SaleSmartz has been given the look and feel of familiar objects, e.g. a Catalogue looks like a Catalogue. If you use yellow bits of paper as your current Time Manager, then you have the basis of ours (with better glue...).

SaleSmartz has proven that information can be moved and viewed graphically and yet still maintain the functionality and power of an advanced database.
This application is a tool for people who wish to keep track of Contacts and Customers and use these resources efficiently. It is much easier to keep existing Customers than to find new ones. SaleSmartz allows you to quickly add new Customers while managing those already included.

Quotes can be easily and quickly created for a Customer, allowing you to respond instantly to their requests. You can choose to show a Customer your Products in their own environment, using a portable computer, or your own environment, perhaps in a network. Quotes can be presented in printed form to a Customer directly, saving time spent on typing and travel. A Customer can see what they want to purchase without waiting for days. A delay gives them the chance to look elsewhere.

You are automatically reminded by a To Do Memo to call a Customer about Quotes you create. Important meetings and phone calls can also be scheduled in the Time Manager, to be brought to your attention later with alerts. Phone calls and other messages can be jotted down on simple memos, to be examined and enhanced later when you have more time.

Price Lists and Catalogues are managed and updated to show Customers your complete range of Products quickly and graphically.
Reports can be made giving you up to date information about aspects of sales, profit and even future sales projections.


This manual


SaleSmartz has been designed with many features but most importantly, to be easy to use. When you first start using SaleSmartz you probably will not want to use all of its features. The application is designed so that new features can be used when you need them, you don't have to read the whole manual before you start. Chapters and sections describing advanced features are labelled "Advanced". These areas may be read later when you feel more confident with the application.

If you wish to quickly get an overview of the use of SaleSmartz, read the chapter "Quick Reference". It describes some of the commonly used steps in this application..
The chapter "Basics" describes common components of SaleSmartz. Reading this chapter prepares you for navigating and understanding the application.

SaleSmartz is available for both Macintosh and Windows. There are only very small differences in the functionality of SaleSmartz between these two platforms, these differences are described in the related sections of this manual. Some of the picture examples in this manual may not appear exactly as on your computer but the layout and content of each window is the same for both Macintosh and Windows.


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